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Welcome to the SmartKids Neighborhood, where we value positive established among the staff, parents, children and the surrounding communities.
At SmartKids we believe that every child is unique. Our goal is to facilitate their social, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth by providing a safe, nurturing, and healthy learning environment.

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SmartKids will be CLOSED:

Monday, September 4, 2017.

A Message from the Owner:
I just feel compelled to say a few words since it seems our country is becoming so divided...

First and foremost, SmartKids was established based on love and unity.  With that as our guide, we make daily decisions regarding children, families and staff.  I value the  children for their ability to do meaningful work, their ability to play and be creative.  I value the families  for the bonds and traditions and their dreams for their children.  I value my staff for their vision for the children, their skills, their heart, their knowledge, and their daily commitment to SmartKids and to all of our families.  I believe that we learn so much from one another, therefore, I love the diversity that each of you bring to the Center.  As the owner of SmartKids, I cherish the unity  that we all possess at SmartKids and hope that we will always be able to assist one another.
                  Donna Shriver


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