SmartKids Childcare and Learning Center -
Bus Stop 1:  Infants
Birth - 12 Months:  In the Infant Room, the children are busy reaching developmental milestones and exploring the world around them.  Our teachers keep the infants' schedules consistent with their schedules at home and fulfill the needs of each child in their care.  The use of toys with different textures, lullaby music, descriptive language, and photographs of children in the room as well as children from around the world all support the children's discovery and learning.

Bus Stop 2:  Toddlers
12 Months - 3 Years:  The Toddler Room is bustling with excitement as the children become more mobile and vocal.  In this age group, the toddlers are making great strides in gross and fine motor skills and language development. The teachers encourage progress by using descriptive language, reading with the children, singing songs and dancing to songs, engaging in dramatic play, and providing opportunities for fine motor development.  In the Toddler Room, learning centers are introduced.  Self-help skills such as potty training and feeding independently are also practiced.

Bus Stop 3:  Preschool
3 Years - 4 Years:  The Preschool Room builds upon the skills learned in the Toddler Room.  The children are becoming more aware of the group life of the class and have a growing desire to use writing tools.  Learning centers are also available to the preschool children and they use the centers to learn about interacting and playing with others.  Colors, shapes, letters, and numbers are integrated into the day through the use of story time, learning centers, and small group activities.  Children also are beginning to experiment with art materials and learning to become more independent.

Bus Stop 4:  Pre K
4 Years - 5 Years:  The Pre K Class is learning and growing in preparation for beginning Kindergarten.  The children's fine motor skills are rapidly improving, enabling them to master the skills of cutting, gluing, and writing their names, numbers, and letters.  The children are also developing stronger friendships and beginning to take particular interests in different topics and activities that they are able to explore in the learning centers.  Story time, small group times, music, gross and fine motor activities, and art experiences all support the growth and development of the Pre K class.
Bus Stop 5:  School Age
5 Years - 12 Years:  The School Age Class enjoys time at SmartKids before and after school and in the summertime at our Summer Camp.  The children are forming strong bonds with each other and are becoming more independent. The teachers support their development of social-emotional skills, reading and writing skills, math concepts, science inquiry, and awareness of the world in which we live.  The children are able to express themselves creatively through the use of art mediums and share their ideas with the world through free writing opportunities.  Children have the opportunity to join interest clubs in which they can focus their attention with fellow enthusiasts.
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